In these short but powerful education sessions, provides safety suppliers, distributors, and end-users with the tools and knowledge needed to work on their business. We spend so much time working in our business day-in and day-out that many times we find ourselves in a place where our great growth has caused some well – growing pains.

Next Level Management courses are crafted to help you address all those potential pains and craft action plans for optimizing your sales and operations development. Course range in scope from:

  • Helping sales leadership & management teams get a handle on the scope of their responsibilities and the techniques and tools that help them perform as best-in-class.
  • Helping operations leadership & management move toward best-in-class inventory, pricing, and supplier management.

Coaching to Competencies
Learn how to develop a coachable list of competencies you can establish for each job position. Craft a strategy for talent management (engagement & retention) and enable your people to develop new skills to enhance their performance.
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Inside Sales & Marketing
Learn how to develop and leverage the inside sales and marketing function. Learn to use these strategies to attract new clients, develop & reward existing customers, and help the entire sales team grow.
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Market Segmentation & Business Analytics
Learn to evaluate your customer’s and gain valuable insights from their behaviors. Optimize your strategies for winning business and learn to develop plans for existing & new market penetration.
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