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The product and application thought leaders of the network – the safety suppliers.

Representing the backbone of the network; they provide one of the most critical elements of safety – the solution. Finding the proper safety solution can be a complicated process; with our suppliers expertise we can find the solution to any application. Even if we have to build it!

The suppliers rely on the network to keep their ‘ear-to-the-ground’ on what the safety industry is buzzing about, and in need of. In return, the network relies on the suppliers to help develop new solutions and disseminate knowledge, so that we can continue to help the industry develop a more advanced safety culture.

Suppliers are designated Partners in the network and earn membership in SMG. To do this, they demonstrate a commitment to educating safety distributors and end-users, as well as displaying excellence in a series of KPI’s that represent the partner’s engagement.

Supplier Showcase

Our preferred supplier partners offer a vast array of safety products to fulfill every safety need. Strong, established relationships have given our group a leading edge when it comes to pricing and access to the expert levels of service.

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