Event Description

SEE Certification Hours: 16 

MCR Safety’s 3E Advantage training course is built for the benefit of our SN.me partners. The goal of MCR Safety’s 3E class is to understand the challenges our SN.me partners face in today’s marketplace. 

In addition, MCR Safety’s 3E Advantage course will help our SN.me partners take advantage of the differentiating value / programs that MCR Safety provides specific to SN.me. 

In particular, here are a few of the “Value Adds” that will be discussed: 
-Leads Program for SN.me members 
-Max360 Program 
-ITC Lab Testing Center 
-NXG Program 

SN.me attendees will leave with a detailed view of how to take advantage of the services and program MCR Safety has to offer our SN.me partners. 


Floyd Clifton (Director of Sales) 
Chris Smith (Director of Marketing) 
Paul Harris (VP Innovation & Product Strategy) 
Mike Myrick (Corp Trainer)

Event Location

MCR Safety Headquarters 
Training Auditorium 
Collierville, TN (metro Memphis area)

For questions regarding this event please contact:

Linda Cox 
[email protected]